Legacy Preservation
Entertainment & Sports Practice

The Digital Archive Group enhances Legacy Preservation for our clients through the organization, preservation, curation, discovery and digitization of physical assets. We amplify and extend brand legacy through the creation of a digital archive – a searchable database with unlimited visual access to a wide variety of legacy archival materials.

TDAG provides a professional, discreet and cost-effective solution for the preservation and creation of legacy digital archives. We assist legacy clients with the task of safely and economically digitizing and preserving their heritage related assets and, in most cases, working onsite to reduce risk of loss or damage to the materials.

In addition to legacy creation, the digital archive we create often supports storytelling, fan engagement, social media, monetization, book/documentary research, museum exhibits and anniversary planning.

Legacy Preservation Services For

  • Personal and discreet onsite collection assessments
  • Collection appraisal
  • Organization and preservation of all types of assets
  • Digitization of documents, correspondence, original scripts/drafts/drawings, photographs, scrapbooks, video, awards, posters, memorabilia, musical equipment, wardrobe, posters, artwork and oversized materials
  • Clothing, wardrobe, textile digitization and preservation
  • Digital archive creation and management
  • Temperature controlled / secure storage

Due to privacy agreements, we can’t mention all of our Legacy Preservation clients.

A select group of our clients include Oprah Winfrey, Robert F. Kennedy, Rev. Billy Graham, William Wrigley Jr. Family Archive, and Olympian - Shaun White.

Documents, Legacy Preservation is essential for entertainers, personalities, athletes, artists, authors, songwriters, scientists, architects, politicians, retired government officials, business owners and entrepreneurs.

There has never been a better time to make the small investment to preserve your legacy, to ensure that the legacy that you have lived is your “single source of truth”.

After a lifetime of great accomplishments – Who Tells Your Story?