Chicago Cubs

TDAG provided services for two very important historical projects for the Chicago Cubs in preparation for their 100th anniversary.

Historic Blueprint Collection

The Chicago Cubs accumulated a large volume of blueprints, providing a historic timeline of the changes that have been made to the “Friendly Confines” of Wrigley Field throughout the years. The Chicago Cubs organization wanted to digitize and preserve these valuable blueprints for historic access and for future generations to enjoy at their new Hotel Zachary across from Wrigley Field.

The condition of each blueprint varied, based upon the age and overall use of the asset over the years. Upon inspection, it was decided that some of the blueprints would require preservation and repair efforts prior to digitization. TDAG utilized our RAW Capture technology to insure that no further damage took place in the digitization process of over 1,500 large format blueprint pages.

Brace / Burke Image Collection

TDAG provided digitization for this very rare and fragile collection of original negatives dating back to the early 1930’s. The collection totaled over 8,000 negatives in a variety of sizes including 4×5, 5×7 and 35mm. After digitization with our RAW Capture stations, the digital files were processed into both hi-res TIFF files and lo-res JPEG files. TDAG also added descriptive metadata for the files to searchable in their digital asset management system.

Construction on Wrigley Field”Planting Ivy”

Tot Presnell, Dick Spalding, Dom Dallesandro and Paul Erickson of the Chicago Cubs

Billy Herman, Guy Bush, Bob Smith, Zack Taylor, Elwood English and Charlie Root of the Chicago Cubs