Chicago White Sox

The White Sox are one of the American League’s eight charter franchises, established as a major league baseball club in 1901. TDAG earned the opportunity to create the White Sox digital archive by providing a solution to digitize over 100 years of assets over a three-year period. Our digitization efforts cover all categories of assets including player files, slides, negatives, photographs, news clippings, media guides, programs, scouting reports, game summaries and ephemera as well as multiple formats of media including Beta, DigiBeta, ¾” U-matic, 16mm, 8mm and VHS. TDAG also assisted with consulting of digital asset management platforms. The Chicago White Sox are just one of many sports teams we have provided services for including; Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bears, St. Louis Cardinals, and many others.

Ted Lyons Day, 9/15/1940