United States Court of Appeals – D.C. Circuit

TDAG recently completed one of our most significant projects, the digitization of the Records and Briefs of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. These valuable assets contain the official court filings representing the background and context of landmark legal cases presented to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. The documents represent historic court cases in the areas of civil rights, environmental issues, copyright, labor, politics and more. The bound volumes ranged in size from 6” – 2” thick, the largest of which contained over 5,000 pages. TDAG utilized three types of equipment, based upon the size and condition of the volume.

  • Kirtas Kabis II + – Robotic book scanner. 110 degree position book cradle is optimal for low stress, gentle book positioning and is ideal for fragile and rare books.
  • Bookeye 4 V2 – Professional manual book scanner with high-resolution capability.
  • Book2Net – High resolution, A2 production book scanner with a self-adjusting book cradle producing very low stress on the asset.

The records were digitized as high-resolution 400 dpi 24-bit color uncompressed TIFF files + PDF’s w/ OCR conversion. A strict file naming convention was followed per directions by the source library. Completed files were uploaded to the client on a weekly basis via Amazon S-3 web service interface.

TDAG provided packing, pick-up and safe transfer of the assets in a company owned vehicle in waves to ensure safety and to reduce loss or damage to these rare materials.