Social Media & Archival Brand Programming

History is an important element in building your brand and connecting with your customers. As with the popularity of social media, reacting with speed and relevance is everything. Posting a story and creating a “buzz” at the right time can motivate thousands of fans or customers to engage with your brand within minutes.

The Digital Archive Group is a pioneer in the field of Archival Brand Programming and Social Media Archival Content (SMAC). We have a special group of content archivists who work with our clients to curate and package digital assets into relevant program “buckets” to render archival related digital content faster and easier to share. These pre-packaged “SMAC bites” are organized in folders within the client DAM for quick access. For heritage driven brands with a deep customer fan base connected to social media, this type of programming keeps customers engaged with the brand and extends brand loyalty.

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How We Do It

  • Archivists work with the brand, team or organization to discover and identify high-priority assets
  • Scan, digitize and photograph physical assets
  • Generate strategies for “fan” engagement
  • Repurpose new digital content for marketing and social media
  • Generate “SMAC bite” stories through connecting multiple assets and adding context
  • Activate historical content with historical timelines and timely programming
  • Capsulize milestones, assets made accessible through a cloud-based DAM
  • Package the programming for ease of access to fans and customers

Benefits of Digitization and Archival Brand Programming

  • Make heritage content accessible for internal marketing and research
  • Engage and reconnect with your audience
  • Activate the heritage of your brand
  • Increase social media “likes” and followers
  • Build loyalty and broaden reach of the brand
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Who Can Benefit From Heritage Programming

  • Sports Teams
  • Top Consumer Brands
  • Automobile Companies
  • Clothing Companies
  • Entertainers / Celebrities
  • Associations & Organizations


Archival related content without digital access keeps valuable and high-priority assets in permanent “lock-down.” TDAG is an archival services company focused on the discovery of historical assets with professional digitization and archival programming services to allow for broad-based access to digital historical content.

Today, more consumers are interacting with their favorite brands, sports teams and personalities through events and social media. TDAG has found that companies and organizations that provide open interaction to historical content allows their “fans” to engage and feel more connected to the brand, which builds brand loyalty.

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What is a Heritage Brand?

  • Test of Time – the brand continues to be popular and relevant after years in the marketplace
  • Originality – the brand still offers some of the original design in their current offerings or often uses historical influences
  • Forged in History – the brand has typically been popular and the leading product in it’s category since the introduction
  • Generational  – the brand has passed through multiple generations
  • Innovative – the company continues to improve upon the original design
  • Loyal customers – the brand has “fans” who follow just about anything regarding the company and the brand
  • Social Media following – their fans will “like” and follow the brand on social media