The Digital Archive Group specializes in the highest quality archival digitization services for organizations wishing to preserve and create digital access to their physical assets. During our free, on-site archival assessment, we often learn that assets to be digitized are comprised of multiple formats. No collection we work with is ever the same, therefore, we utilize a wide variety of digitization equipment and customized workflows to match the size, format and condition of the asset to be digitized. This includes sheet fed, flatbed, overhead, slide and negative, planetary, large format scanners and Intelligent Image Capture systems.

Slides & Negatives

TDAG perfected high-speed / high-resolution image capture digitization with a proprietary workflow that continues to attract signature archival collections such as the Oprah Winfrey Legacy Image Archive, the Billy Graham Archive and the Chicago Blues Album to our turn-key solution.
  • Intelligent Image Capture solution driven by Phase One 100-megapixel digital-back cameras
  • Specialized Schneider lens sensors ensure the highest resolution and lowest noise levels while producing accurate colors and minute details
  • Cameras attached to a precision-built capture bench designed for high- volume digitization projects
  • Specially designed negative carriers reduce handling and damage
  • Post-production with Capture One professional photo software renders the highest quality images and the ability to output digital files in derivative formats
  • Our turn-key solution includes custom cropping, orientation and batch editing of image files
  • Custom image editing services available
  • Embedding of descriptive metadata and keywords into the image file makes images easily searchable in their digital asset management (DAM) platform
  • The same capture system is used for rare books, maps, blueprints, posters, artwork and a wide variety of oversized assets
The Intelligent Image Capture solution, teamed with our systematic workflow, allows TDAG image technicians to capture and digitize over 10,000 images per day!

Bound Book Digitization

TDAG has invested in state-of-the-art Kirtas-Kabis II automated book scanners.
This system is recommended for most all bound publications and can accommodate any type of bound materials including books, newspapers, magazines, annual reports, yearbooks and scrapbooks. Page images are captured using the latest Canon 21MP camera in full 24-bit color in a fraction of a second, enabling production of over 500 pages per hour. This system has automatic book centering with a 110- degree position which is optimal for low stress, gentle book positioning and is ideal for fragile and rare books.

Based upon the size and condition of the asset, TDAG may also utilize one of several manual book scanners including our Book2Net Kiosk and Image Access Bookeye 4 V1A. (pics of both).

Our Kirtas – Kabis book scanners are teamed with LIBRIS (more about Libris) software for OCR and multipage PDF creation. TDAG has always facilitated PDF and OCR services in-house and does not out-source this resource to third party vendors.


Documents and Flat Materials

TDAG has a fleet of equipment that can scan and digitize any shape, size or condition of printed material. We select the equipment based upon which best suits the type and condition of the asset to be digitized. Options include sheet fed, flat-bed, overhead planetary, wide format and Phase One Capture systems.

Types of assets we digitize include:

  • Photographs
  • Documents, letters, manuscripts
  • Rare books, magazines and journals
  • Newsletters
  • Product Catalogs
  • Sports programs and media guides
  • Medical research and lab journals
  • Artist, author and songwriter journals
  • Newspapers and clippings
  • Marketing and promotional materials
  • Fabric and textiles
  • Maps and blueprints
  • Artwork, posters and oversized material

Maps, Blueprints & Oversized

The Digital Archive Group has a wide selection of large format image scanners to serve the needs of architects, builders, archives, museums, libraries and government clients. Our production sheet fed scanners can digitize original assets up to 60” wide. Rare, fragile and assets over 60” wide will be digitized with our Intelligent Image Capture solution driven by Phase One 100-megapixel digital-back cameras. Ultimate resolution and flexibility, allowing for digitization of large objects such as drawings and maps, as well as smaller objects such as books and manuscripts.

Fabric, Fashion & Textiles

TDAG is a leader in the preservation and digitization of fashion, fabric and textile libraries. Art directors and creative departments rely on fabric and textile libraries to reference old styles and patterns for new designs. Quite often, these libraries are stored in an off-site remote location. With fully digitized and tagged fabric library, the entire collection is available in a cloud-based DAM.

Our 100MP digitization systems have the ability to capture and digitize any size, format and style of fabric or textile. We have captured and digitized shirt fabric, wallpaper, sports uniforms, costumes, footwear and a variety of other textiles. Once digitized, TDAG will organize and create your custom, cloud-based digital fabric library.

Textile Collections