About The Digital Archive Group


The Digital Archive Group exists to provide a professional and cost-effective means for digitization of heritage related assets.

The Digital Archive Group (TDAG) specializes in the highest quality archival scanning services and digitization for organizations wishing to preserve and create digital access to their current physical assets. We utilize a wide variety of digitization technology to match the size, format and condition of the asset to be scanned. Equipment includes; sheet fed, flatbed, overhead planetary, large format scanners and RAW rapid capture systems utilizing Phase One digital back cameras.

Our services may be performed at our specialized digitization facility in Chicago, or at the client location. When you can’t move your assets or they are simply too fragile to be relocated, TDAG ONSITE ™ has the ability to mobilize our equipment and customized workflow on-site, joined with a superior image archivist team for larger and specialized projects.


Scanning + Digitization Services For

  • Photographs
  • Slides, Glass Plates & Negatives (any size)
  • Rare books, magazines and journals
  • Newsletters
  • Catalogs
  • Sports programs
  • Newspapers and advertisements
  • Marketing and promotional materials
  • Documents, letters, manuscripts
  • Oversized materials including: maps, large drawings, blueprints, etc.
  • Presentations
  • Video / Media

Our Clients

The Digital Archive Group specializes in affordable, high quality, archival scanning, digitization, RAW capture and digital asset management for organizations wishing to preserve, digitize and create searchable digital access to their current physical collections. We work with leading corporations, institutions, museums, sports teams and celebrities to digitize their historical content.

  • Corporations & Companies / Top Brands
  • Organizations & Associations
  • Historical Collections
  • Museums, Institutions & Libraries
  • Celebrities & Entertainers
  • Sports Teams
  • Foundations
  • Communities & Local Historical Societies

Other clients include: John Deere, Jim Beam Brands, Chicago Bears, Olympian Shaun White.


Monetization Consulting & Strategy

The Digital Archive Group can assist with a monetization strategy that will far exceed the cost of digitization, creating a significant return on investment for your organization.  We will even provide a low-cost e-commerce platform to host and sell your image content online!

There are many avenues to creating a revenue stream for your image collection:

  1. Editorial use – books, magazines, newspapers
  2. Educational publishing and electronic publishing – with electronic publishing, content is changed more often with newly discovered images
  3. Retail / One-to-one – creating a stand-alone e-commerce site or link to your website offering high-quality, print-on-demand copies of your images
  4. E-commerce sites – licensing your images to e-commerce image partners

The Digital Archive Group has all of the important resources in-house to plan and execute a successful monetization effort.

  • Collection research and discovery
  • Digitization and editing services
  • Enhanced tagging to increase search results
  • Rights & Permissions expertise
  • Marketing and fulfillment services
  • Image partner relationship management
  • Affordable e-commerce site development

Our Partners

In order to fulfill the mission of assisting our clients with making history accessible, The Digital Archive Group has selected specialized partners to support our offering. These partners enable TDAG to enhance the solution to our clients and seamlessly integrate into our workflow process.

The Division of Cultural Heritage at Digital Transitions provides the highest quality digital RAW rapid capture hardware and workflow software in the archival industry.  Used by The Digital Archive Group along with the top museums, libraries and collections in the world searching for the highest quality, Digital Transitions image capture systems exceed FADGI4-star guidelines and continue to replace traditional scanning methods in most all digitization applications.

Digital Transitions has designed and built a customized RAW rapid capture solution for TDAG that optimizes workflow and produces higher image quality to meet the needs of high-volume collections. This solution, utilizing Phase One digital back reprographic technology, is purpose built to provide preservation-level rapid capture from a variety of physical formats including; rare books, magazines, catalogs, manuscripts, fine art, documents, photographic slides, negatives and glass-plates.

Built with industrial grade reliability, the RAW rapid capture system can be deployed as an on-site solution if the digitization project is large enough.

For more information on the Division of Cultural Heritage at Digital Transitions go to http://www.dtdch.com.